Take an inside look into The Strategic Marketing Mastermind

During our 6 months together, you will receive mentoring, coaching, marketing training, business model design and efficiency ideas along with advanced Marketing management lessons, all to help you build your extraordinary green business. Most importantly, you’ll get the support, validation and accountability from your very own team of masterminders.

Planning meeting

You will embark on a 6 month rollercoaster to:

  • Make this the year you put your business on the map and reach more customers than ever before
  • Develop the systems you need to make your marketing systematic, measurable, and ever-evolving so that you can scale and delegate with peace of mind
  • Find your people – other successful business leaders whose primary aim in business is to make a difference and not just to make money
  • Outline your vision and develop a solid strategy and marketing plan to get there (and engage your team in this compelling future!)
  • Overcome obstacles – get help from me and your fellow masterminders to re-frame your biggest issues, share shortcuts and occasionally receive or give a bit of fierce love.
  • Realise the best version of your business by sharing honest feedback, creativity and business insights
  • Design impactful, high-converting marketing campaigns that position you at the top of your ideal client's mind.
  • Bring the concepts of flow, ease, the law of attraction into your business decision making process
  • Establish your expertise and credibility in your field in the eyes of customers, competitors and potential investors.

What you’ll master during the 6 months:

What issues are standing between you and reaching your marketing goals? Most of them will fall into the 7 key areas in my Marketing Success System - the techniques that all the best Marketers use daily:

Each month I’ll post three practical, action-oriented video lessons including topics such as:

  • How to make your vision a reality​
  • Create a seriously effective Marketing Strategy to realise this vision​
  • Put a plan in place to make it happen - no waste, max sales​
  • Use disruptive, unusual tactics which suit YOUR business​
  • Systematically measure progress, performance and sales​
  • Intensify success in all future marketing funnels​
  • Learn a system to create strategic marketing that converts time after time​
Marketing success system
Marketing Success System

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The Strategic Marketing Mastermind Includes:

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Two 60 minute strategy sessions to set your intentions and goals for the mastermind each quarter (2 sessions worth £594)

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12 x 2 hour bi-weekly mastermind meetings for hot seating, support, and to give and receive accountability (worth £7128)

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Marketing forms, templates and samples (worth £500)

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18 video lessons covering my 7 factor Marketing Success System (worth £1782)

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Mastermind journal to track your progress (worth £20)

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Regular tracking of your metrics and accountability on our dedicated communications platform, Cadence (worth £420)

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Group message board and forum to stay connected with your fellow masterminders (worth £600)

TOTAL VALUE: £11,044 Current investment just £397/month for 6 months or £2,222 if you pay in full!

(next intake Feb 21st 2023)

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