The Strategic Marketing Mastermind

Done-with-you Marketing for Purpose-Led Business Owners

I help you create, implement and evaluate a Marketing Strategy that uniquely expresses your purpose and impact in the world.

Connect with your ideal clients, and grow your business in this 6 month, online mastermind group where I'll show you how to sustainably maximise the impact of your small business - for people, planet and profit.

Bonny Williams

Do you do your own marketing in a purpose-led business and need to get better at it?

In the Strategic Marketing Mastermind, you’ll join a community of fellow purpose-led business owners where together you will create, implement and evaluate your 7 step marketing funnel

You will learn a system that you can use on repeat in this business or your next to help you get more clients, in less time with less work.

The Mastermind is for you if you:

  1. Run a sustainable business and do your own marketing
  2. Are short on time and need a system that works smart, not hard
  3. Sometimes procrastinate about marketing but know you need it to create stability
  4. Want to be more strategic and less reactive but aren’t sure how
  5. Need to move from cash flow peaks and troughs > more consistent client numbers

Let's do it together

How does the Stategic Marketing Mastermind work?

During our 6 months together, you will receive:

  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Marketing training
  • Business model design and efficiency ideas
  • Peer support, validation and accountability

You will embark on a 6 month rollercoaster to:

  • Reach more customers
  • Develop marketing systems
  • Find your people
  • Develop a solid marketing strategy
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Design impactful, high-converting marketing campaigns
  • Create flow and ease in your business
  • Establish your expertise

The Strategic Marketing Mastermind Includes:

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Two 60 minute strategy sessions to set your intentions and goals for the mastermind each quarter (2 sessions worth £594)

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12 x 2 hour bi-weekly mastermind meetings for hot seating, support, and to give and receive accountability (worth £7,128)

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Marketing forms, templates and samples (worth £500)

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18 video lessons covering my 7 factor Marketing Success System (worth £1,782)

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Mastermind journal to track your progress (worth £20)

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Regular tracking of your metrics and accountability on our dedicated communications platform, Cadence (worth £420)

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Group message board and forum to stay connected with your fellow masterminders (worth £600)

TOTAL VALUE: £11,044

Current investment just £397/month for 6 months or £2,222 if you pay in full!

(doors close March 3rd 2023)

What you’ll master during the 6 months:

You’ll learn a system for marketing which can be implemented and improved year on year. So if you’re running a sustainable business and need a steady supply of good quality potential customers, this is the place for you.

The system you'll master will include all 7 key areas in my Marketing Success System - the techniques that all the best Marketers use daily:

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Plan
  • Tactics
  • Data
  • Results
  • Evaluation cycle
Marketing success system
Marketing Success System

The topics we cover are all the issues my clients tell me they need to understand:

  • How to make your vision a reality
    • Techniques to bring your vision to life
    • How to share your vision with your team
    • Different learning styles and how to use them to communicate with your team
  • Create a seriously effective Marketing Strategy to realise this vision
    • What is a strategy and how it differs from a plan
    • The different strategies and how to choose
    • Aligning your vision and your strategy
  • Put a plan in place to make it happen - no waste, max sales
    • The structure of a marketing plan
    • Milestones
    • Intentions and goals - what is the difference and why it matters
    • SMART marketing goals
  • Use disruptive, unusual tactics which suit YOUR business
    • Choosing tactics which suit you and your team
    • How many different tactics to use
    • Do you need a website?
    • Social media - the basics
    • Social media - the details
    • Content planning and scheduling
    • Integrated Marketing
  • Systematically measure progress, performance and sales
    • The importance of data
    • Which data to record
    • How to create your marketing dashboard
    • How to use your data to evaluate performance
  • Intensify success in all future marketing funnels
    • How to use data to improve performance
    • Understanding split testing
    • How to problem-solve a failing marketing funnel
    • Sales calls, sales teams, sales conversions
    • The campaign de-brief process
  • Learn a system to create strategic marketing that converts time after time
    • The planning cycle
    • Data check ins
    • How to (de)motivate your team with data
    • How a planning, implementing, testing and evaluating cycle can make you a better leader

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What stands between you and reaching your marketing goals?

Here’s what people say before they enrol and after they finish the Mastermind:
I already don’t have enough time - how am I ever going to manage the Mastermind on top of everything else?
I have completely stopped wasting time on pointless social media posting.
My entire Marketing strategy is now focussed on things I actually LIKE doing!
I have more time than ever before.
The Mastermind will help you to:
  • Stop wasting money and start making data based decisions which improve the bottom line - leaving you to focus on leading your business with clarity and peace of mind
  • Work smart, (not just hard) on marketing that converts as we hold you accountable to your own progress goals (statistically, this actually improves your chances of reaching them).
I don’t know what I should be doing but my competitors always look so good!
I have stopped reacting to what my competitors do and learnt to stay in my own lane.
Now I know what I’m doing, I just focus on my own message and ignore everything else.
The confidence I’ve got from having this message reinforced over 6 months has really helped me!
The Mastermind will help you to:
  • Create a business vision that “wows” customers and investors and have the confidence to deliver on it
  • Connect with a group of peers who make loneliness and leadership isolation a thing of the past
  • Make friends for life with business leaders who share your eco-friendly values and who will become crucial business contacts
My business isn’t making enough money to spend on Marketing
Bonny’s Mastermind was the best money I’ve ever spent on Marketing.
For less then the cost of a social media assistant each month, I can now create and implement not just this but any future Marketing strategies, in a professional, strategic and above all, effective way.
The Mastermind will help you to:
  • Generate a stable revenue stream, so you can take the pressure off in other areas of your life too (like your relationships!)
  • Implement systematic marketing which can be easily measured and improved (or even delegated!) This will improve trust with your team and allow you to focus elsewhere with peace of mind

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Who is Bonny and what makes her the person for me?

Bonny's previous clients have:

  • Hit multiple seven figures
  • Had £50k, £100k, £200k launches
  • Sold out events and retreats
  • Sold 3000+ tickets to live event
  • Been featured in national press and on TV
  • Launched and sold out group programmes
  • Achieved complete mindset shifts
  • Built successful passion led businesses
  • Achieved investor funding of £1m+

I’m Bonny and here’s why I am doing this

In 2021 I was employed as a Marketing Director and also seeing some of my own private clients. Lockdown saw fantastic, record breaking results in the business I was working for and appalling, record breaking levels of stress at home, with two kids needing home schooling while I desperately tried to work full time from home.

I had to draw on all my skills and resources as a coach to rebalance my life and find the courage to leave the corporate world. As many people did, I took the opportunity to rethink how I was doing things and realised that what really lights me up is using my skills to support the business owners who help our planet.

And what I also realised was that when we are in flow and running businesses which specifically sets out to make a difference - marketing is a joy!

In the past week in my hometown alone, I’ve come across a renting website for household items, a reusable nappy and sanitary towel producer and a supplier of ‘grow your own’ vegetable kits who are all redefining success in their own industries. If the politicians aren’t making the difference we need to see, businesses certainly are!

I know from experience that when you start a business, you often can’t think further ahead than your next step (or the next month at a stretch) This makes planning your marketing a challenge and can result in short term, reactive decisions that aren’t part of an overall strategy to move the business forward and tend to cost more than they should.

I also know from years of marketing consultancy with small business leaders that knowing what to do is sometimes only half the battle - you also need to have the time and the inclination to do it. There’s usually something more urgent than marketing but is it more important?

In this done-with-you mastermind you will learn my Marketing Success System and be held accountable for your marketing progress knowing that each milestone you reach is part of a bigger strategic plan.

This program is strictly by application only: I want to curate a group of paradigm-shifting business leaders who are committed to improving our impact on the planet and up-levelling their marketing.

You get the information, ideas and support you need to move forward in your business faster, make sound decisions, and share best practices.

Join me and other earth-friendly business leaders for this strategic marketing mastermind group combined with world-class education.

Current investment is just £397/month for 6 months or £2222 if you pay in full!


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