The Strategic Marketing Mastermind

If you're looking to create extraordinary marketing for your future-changing, socially-conscious business, then this is the place for you. Excellent marketing is not just about getting the sales. It's about putting into place a system for marketing which can be implemented, measured and improved year on year.

Bonny Williams

Bonny's previous clients have:

Hit multiple seven figures
Had £50k, £100k, £200k launches
Sold out events and retreats
Sold 3000+ tickets to live event
Been featured in national press and on TV
Launched and sold out group programmes
Achieved complete mindset shifts
Built successful passion led businesses
Achieved investor funding of £1m+

So if you’re running an eco-friendly business and need a steady supply of good quality potential customers, this is the place for you.

I know from experience that when you start a business, you often can’t think further ahead than your next step (or the next month at a stretch). This makes planning your marketing a challenge and can result in short term, reactive decisions that aren’t part of an overall strategy to move the business forward and tend to cost more than they should. I also know from years of marketing consultancy with small business leaders that knowing what to do is sometimes only half the battle - you also need to have the time and the inclination to do it.

There’s usually something more urgent than marketing but is it more important?

In this 'done-with-you' mastermind you will learn my 7 factor Marketing Success System so that you can:

  • Stop wasting money and start making data based decisions which improve the bottom line leaving you to focus on leading your business with clarity and peace of mind.
  • Work smart, (not just hard) on marketing that converts as we hold you accountable to your own progress goals. Statistically, this actually improves your chances of reaching them.
  • Create a business vision that “wows” investors and employees alike and have confidence to deliver on it.
  • Generate a stable revenue stream, so you can take the pressure off in other areas of your life too like your relationships!
  • Connect with a group of peers who make loneliness and leadership isolation a thing of the past - these 6 months will pass so quickly you won’t want them to be over.
  • Make friends for life with business leaders who share your eco-friendly values and who will become crucial business contacts.
  • Implement systematic marketing which can be easily measured and improved (or even delegated!) This will improve trust with your team and allow you to focus elsewhere.
  • Be held accountable for your marketing progress and know that each milestone you reach is part of a strategic plan.
  • You get the information, ideas and support you need to move forward in your business faster, make sound decisions and share best practices.

Join me and other earth-friendly business leaders for this strategic marketing mastermind group combined with world-class education.


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